mercredi 5 octobre 2011


I think you might be able to qualify any decisive artist in any musical genre as a new subgenre. It’s similar with those disc arriving too late and presenting a real esthetic view. You can find so much examples that there is no need to ironize.

You’ll understand, musical genre should be often understand as weak attempt of music description.


Post-dubstep? What, dubstep is dead ? Don’t think so sir, except if you consider that record-industry-stadium - filling-pygmalion artist will use it to produce perfect music for your 8 year-old little sister birthday party. Even considering it, dubstep is still alive, and it still merge a lot of style, such as dub, techno, house or R&B. Dubstep bornaround 2004, post-dubstep is said to be born with Burial – Untrue album in 2007. Kind of dark beauty, this album shows typical nervous dubstep rhythmic excursion but add peaceful sense of texture and ambiances. In this sense, post-dubstep would fit with trip-hop lover. And as trip-hop did, post dubstep artists demonstrate sense of composition, and sometimes use classical instruments, massive synth texture and twisted voice treatment. James Blake is one of them, defined as a major artist.

In a way, post-dubstep is kinda dubstep for lover.

For the most known artists.

Burial - Archangel

Zomby – nathalia songs

Mount kimbie – maybes (hotflush)

Actress – hubble

James blake – libra

koreless – lost in Tokyo