mercredi 28 juillet 2010

MIX : Melancolia chica

New mix on the blog from Gaetan (BCN-BRX).
One should say that a wind of deepness and melancoly runs around Gaetan, may be because he stops kicking the dancefloor for a while. We can thanks him, it's an awesome selection. As a second mix for BBCorp. Inc., he's on the same path as the first edition a.k.a. aerial techno. Expext Caribou, James Holden or Margot (nice discovery). Mental and deep, with stomping moment. Perfect for late night in summer.

To hear laid on your couch, on the beach or on your wife

Melancolia chica by gaetan p

jeudi 22 juillet 2010

MIX : Du dub'steup'

Dancefloor sided dubstep mix.
As usual, english created and branded a new style of music so called "dubstep". Not really popular in france, excepted some gifted producer, it has, across the Channel a really important influence on producers. Even more, this style, a crossover between 2 step, drum&bass and dub, gives a fresh air on productions in the fields of hip-hop, techno.
Still a bit underground, it will be popular if david guetta makes a hit with it.



samedi 10 juillet 2010

Mix | Call 4 Ball

Call4Ball by Triple1

Collectiv Mix by Triple1 & VeenZ.

Set list à venir...


vendredi 9 juillet 2010

dubstep poetry

Pinch, boss du label dubstep "tectonic" nous balance (il y a de ça quelque temps) ce somptueux morceaux bien aérien, comme la longue plainte d'un clavier en détresse. Absolute classic.

mercredi 7 juillet 2010

Remix | Whistle stop

Whistle stop [remix] by Triple1

Non non, vous n'êtes pas sur Disney Chanel, c'est jusque que j'aime m'amuser avec ces vieille chansons de dessins animés. Ici Whistle stop, la chanson du ménestrel de Robin des Bois, interprété à la base par Roger Miller, sur laquelle j'ai ajouté un breakbeat qui part un peu en Drum n Bass (mais sans bass).

Doo di doo di doo di doo da


dimanche 4 juillet 2010

Mix | Sunny sunday in summer

Sunny sunday in summer by Triple1

Small sunny sunday lp mix, from hiphop to triphop to hiphop...

Track list :

Jeru Da Damaja - Ya Playing Yourself & Jurassic 5 - Thin line
Freddie Scott - You got what i need [instrumental]
A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It ?
Rjd2 - Ghostwriter
The Wiseguys - The sound you hear
Mr Scruff - So Long
DJ Food - Dark Blood
DJ Shadow - Six day
Cut Chemist - Spoon & Dr Dre - Next Episode


Clip Remix | Everybody wants to be a cat

Here is the 1'30 part of the Aristocats drum remix, mixed with some pictures of the original Disney's motion picture.


jeudi 1 juillet 2010

Techno straight mix by Veenz : rumble evrynight, trouble every day

Last time was housey mix , so now it's time for straighter techno. Tempo range varies from the 120 bpm of dubby techno to the 130-135's of acid house and tech'step vibes.
For once it's guaranteed minimal free. This mix was made with the idea of sightseeing of actual techno landscape with dub and old rave accent.

Let's hear it like at a warehouse parties or linking party for a wild after.

Rumble every night, trouble everyday by user5631768