mercredi 28 juillet 2010

MIX : Melancolia chica

New mix on the blog from Gaetan (BCN-BRX).
One should say that a wind of deepness and melancoly runs around Gaetan, may be because he stops kicking the dancefloor for a while. We can thanks him, it's an awesome selection. As a second mix for BBCorp. Inc., he's on the same path as the first edition a.k.a. aerial techno. Expext Caribou, James Holden or Margot (nice discovery). Mental and deep, with stomping moment. Perfect for late night in summer.

To hear laid on your couch, on the beach or on your wife

Melancolia chica by gaetan p

4 commentaires:

  1. 1 Caribou - Melody Day (Four Tet Remix)
    2 Caribou - Bowls
    3 Margot - Punch
    4 john_talabot-sunshine_(original_mix)
    5 culoe_de_song-the_bright_forest
    6 Mercury_Rev_-_Senses_On_Fire__Holden_Remix
    7 remain-spread
    8 maztak-magneto
    9 Panda valium- Oli V
    10 MIT_-_Rauch__Luke_Abbott_RMX
    11 Ladytron--versus_(kindle_remix)
    12 walls-burnt_sienna

  2. Mucho bueno,
    nice ambiance, nice vibes...

    Not fun, not sad, there's an urban thing in it for me. I agree when Veenz says "Perfect for late night in summer."

    Keep on Gaetan !


  3. la menthe religieuse reveille l'ado aimant qui sommeille en lui.
    c'est frais c est smooth, pas trop trance.