mercredi 17 novembre 2010

Mix : Tunnel (by Veenz)

Digital session @ Home
Dark and heavy mix for techno heads. Kind of mix you would hear when you' re keen on ordering last drink and go ("last one, promised") but leads you to morning light.
Loud is beautiful


Tunnel by veenz

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  1. amon tobin delpher
    jichael mackson - space
    crash course in science - flying turn
    peter von hoesen - quartz #1
    van rivers - space
    precious system - the voice from planet love
    delta funktionnen please identify
    horizontal ground - snake cave
    alex stark - water wave
    wireman - armour
    chloe - be kind to me (krikor dub)
    mike mind - acid machine( black baba edit)
    ancient methods - fifth methods
    moderat - seamonkey
    skudge - convolution
    fever ray - seven (dettman mix)
    POM POM - untitled d2 pom pom 33 CD